I killed a blind person

Date: 8/9/2019

By jaafar34

So I got an upgrade on that app named « Be ne eyes » that makes you help blind people and be their eyes so i could manipulate the server into getting me calls so after two people helped me get one , i found out it was a girl in a parachute who asked me if she was still far for the ground , I said yes and she changed something in her parachute that made her fall (idk why but i was teleported there) and i found two women screaming and crying cause apparently she died when i explained everything to them they started screaming at me (at this moment i was someone but i don’t remember who it was) then they took my phone and broke it and started walking on it and they threw it in a little dumpster where i looked for it and found all my old broken electronics but i only took my phone that was luckily not broken only the glass screen protection that i never put on my phone broke well i got my phone back by removing the broken screen protector and thats it