Demonic force

Date: 8/27/2017

By contactsilence

A demonic force levitating me in my bedroom and throwing me to and fro hitting the walls. I'd wake within my dream but not rl and I'd be trembling, especially in the legs. I tried to tell someone I don't know who can't remember but I was trying to get their attention on another bed down the hallway and a woman was falling off the bed but her body was missing. She had merely a neck and maybe some shoulder and she was annoyed at my presence and told me to go away. There were some family pictures and Christina was really interested in showing pics from the other part of her family. Cindy was aloof I think. I made sure to pay attention to Christina. Beth was in the dream and I go retrieve a bottle of sprite from the back of her bike and said something casually and walked away and she looked at me annoyed but I didn't give her the time of day either. Brian said I to confess and I told him I had already done so.