Liquid diamonds

Date: 8/24/2017

By Ultra

I dreamed that I was standing inside a beautiful temple made of crystal. A man with long white hair and glowing skin instructed me to sit on one knee. His voice was stern and serious. I felt a little afraid, but also joyful. He asked me why I was here. At this point the dream become fully lucid. I was awake in the temple. The walls gave off this humming light that was so bright it almost woke me up out of the lucid dream. I said "I am here because I am dreaming that I am here." He said "good". He said that he had been observing me for a long time, observing my progress through various tests. His eyes teared up at this point and he smiled tenderly. He asked if I promised to always do my best. I considered his question and then responded truthfully: "no". He said "good". He asked if I promised to always be my best. I said "no". He said "good". He asked me what I promised to do. I reflected. What promise could I truthfully make? I could think of nothing. Then I saw a golden cup on a table, and the following words came from my mouth, as if spoken by someone else, or by another part of myself. "I promise to keep emptying my cup". He said "good" and picked up the golden cup and emptied the liquid over my head. It felt like electricity or liquid diamonds running down my entire body. Then I woke up.