Tornado +semi

Date: 1/24/2019

By GullibleFreckle

There was a tornado and people were hiding. Some how I got trapped on the expressway overpass. The overpass was damaged and a semi was going to hit it hard. I thought “this is where I die” but the semi just bumped it and moved the overpass to safety. I as well as others were able to get out of the way. One girl was stuck in her car feeling hopeless but a bunch of people were able to carry the car to safety. I found my cats (plus my rl deceased cat, bob) after the tornado. They had peed from being scared. I almost lost bob in a river Other random parts I can hardly remember -my long ago ex brad got me pregnant and I found out he also got another girl (Corrine, rl old love triangle) -eating candy at a store but spiting it out and hiding it at the store. -many people played peekaboo or hide and go seek with a lady through her window. She wouldn’t leave her home. I was inside a tent as they lowered it to hide. I saw a baby who was having fun. - I found comical large sized gold ore under the city (very Minecraft like)