Sea monster!

Date: 8/5/2019

By pretzeling

I was with Cami at a little beach town. They lived there and were showing me around. We were wading out into the water and Cami kept fainting. We found a big group of goths smoking on the beach, then found some Homestuck cosplayers loitering at a nearby restaurant. We went back into the ocean. The waves were hitting us and we saw a monster come out to snap at a pelican in the sky. It was a big, brown, scaly thing that looked like the Loch Ness Monster and clearly had a massive body under it. We climbed up to a tower window overlooking the sea to report what we’d seen to a marine biologist and ask for her notes and ideas. She showed us some notes from a medieval bestiary that showed a sea dragon. She claimed the creature was just a fish, but I looked again at the water and it came back out. Clearly it was a sea monster. I was terrified to wade back to the shore but I did anyway. Also I went to a deli to try and buy a pork shoulder in order to make pulled pork. The guy at the deli kept trying to upsell me on fancy meats. When I said I wanted the cheapest possible pork shoulder, he tried to give me near inedible cuts of intestine.