My friend the shooter

Date: 9/3/2019

By alissalove

My phones going to die but I wanted to write this while it’s still in my memory. I had a dream last night that my friend had started a school shooting. It never happened and I was never in high school when this was going to take place but I was at the school when it started. She was coming into the school to do it with her boyfriend and I didn’t know at the time but I saw her and my friend My other friend. I didn’t know that the first friend was going to do that and that I was the tartget. Idk if it’s my mind telling my body that they are not a good person or not.? They just recently came back into my life. I was at my old high school and there’s an announcement on the pa that says there’s an active shooter. My boyfriend and I run outside to try to get away. We see both our friends and go meet with them. We get into the one shooters car and she was going to take me to her car until something happened and my boyfriend was able to get us out of the car because he saw a pistol in the trunk.Good thing. She was going to take us to kill me. We get to a block a way from her car and we end up needing to run though her house to get to it and she didn’t know. Right as we get to the back door she pulls the gun on me because she thinks I’m going to rat her out. I was so scared. I said I wouldn’t and that she shouldn’t do this. We’ve known each other since we were 7 why would I want to betray her. I end up getting out of it and we both run to my car. We find someplace safe with these people we know. We end up having to go to my car but someone is having sex behind it. They end up in my car and opening the back. My boyfriend goes to pick them out and to close the back door. One of our friends goes with him and she notices a bunch of nails by the tires like someone was waiting until I drove away and get a flat. We removed them and wanted to call the police but we ended up just trying to drive away. I told him I really want to move to another state or country because I was afraid we would get killed. We were going to drive away off onto the highway and then I woke up