Helping out

Date: 7/15/2019

By DreamDawg

So I was excited for the second frozen to come out but it was like a cross between the Crown tv show and the Frozen movie because Matt Smith played Hans who was a good guy and it was about two princes with Hans being the older one. I remember watching the first episode and really hoping they gave Hans a beard but Matt Smith was on screen clean shaven and I remember being sad. After watching the show in my dream I went out to this Chinese food place with some people I knew and the woman there spoke little English and had a heavy accent as she served us. We got our food ate it and went outside. Then I don’t know if it was on the tvshow in my dream or in the real life of my dream but this woman was in a convertible and she crashed into this dude and like blood sprayed and glass went everywhere and she did something but I can’t remember what it was. She seemed really paranoid and afraid as she was getting in her car. Then my friends left and for some reason I wanted to help the Chinese woman clean up her buffet. It was really low budget with like the tinfoil pans holding the food and flames heating water beneath it to keep it warm. As I was helping her and asking her what to do with certain foods she talked to me in perfect English with practically no accent. I pointed it out and she told me that using the accent made people uncomfortable and make them leave the store faster after getting their food. I nodded and kept helping her unload the pans. I think it was then that school began again, must’ve been on a long lunch break, and my friend Ava kept asking where I was via text since she was in class. I let her know I wasn’t coming back for the day and walked home. It was then that I was supposed to get to this other person’s house and the person’s car was outside my house but I didn’t trust him so I decided to walk to his house hoping he didn’t catch up to me. I think I made it and it turned out to be a different dude who I trusted’s house and me, him, his son, and this girl that might’ve been his daughter all got in his car and drove to the train station because I think we were going on a special trip. Except it was like the airport because it was so confusing and no one was helping us navigate. Some other parts of the dream I remember: In a news article Prince Charles (in the dream at least) had been “brought back to life” and it was a handsome blonde man in my dream until I realized when the article said “brought back to life” they meant that his son looked just like him and was running for some sort of office just like his dad. Even though he was a prince. I’m pretty sure I attended a press meeting where Prince Charles’ Son was giving a speech and letting reporters ask him questions. I was in school and we must’ve been watching something but my classmates and I were goofing off and doing other stuff. It might’ve been math. I then showed my classmates some cool photos the art people drew at school and it was a silhouette but in the silhouette was a drawn image of them. Jerome looked over my shoulder and thought they looked cool.