Back to school

Date: 7/17/2017

By malexandria

I didn't have the new uniform so I wore my old one hoping nothing will Happen and Aj said the bus comes at 704 and I really had to pee at 700. So went to the bathroom but this basic blond chick was in my bathroom and she talked talked to me about some weird stuff and I was sitting there like..I gotta pee and leave. I heard my brother leave for the bus and the bus beeping but by the time I was out there I was mad late. So I get into the school and the rooms where so dark and weird and the teacher already hopped into some lesson. It was lal. She was having us draw a tree on one page and like a chart on another and she asked me in front of the class what we where doing and I told her idk. The class was looking at me and Aj was next to me talking and the teacher didn't continue the lesson for like thirty seconds. So after that and some more weird stuff she was going over some clubs. Apparently everyone in the class was a club owner in the school except for me and Aj. I asked her how to get a club and she said "you guys can come in at lunch to work or chill." I was like..thanks for awnserinf my question but noticed it was Lunch time. Aj was leaning or something outside the room waiting for his girlfriend and I thought this girl next to him was her but she want and I ended up embaraasig her. When we got into lunch my former orchestra teacher was there which was horrible. My teacher was always high, drunk, never taught, and always made me teach the class because she claimed I was better than her, and I expected her to do the same for my next four years. She was yelling at te kids coming into the lunch room claiming her singing voice was wonderful which it really wasn't irl. She would Always work on her side buisness in school as a hula girl, so she would often sing in Hawaiian. It really wasn't good. But in the dream she pulled id some opera voice and I was sitting there can we just eat ? Then I woke up