Date: 2/3/2017

By Bannanaleafer

It started off with me being in the camaro talking to someone (dad I think) waiting to get some food from Taco Bell (?) but then a bull or something came up out of no where and started to lay down in front of the van in front of the car. So I was all like "what is going on" and then as soon as I said that the bull got up and jumped on the hood and window shield of the van in front of us. So I screamed at dad to drive the car but it turns out he wasn't there (not sure if he left me there or not, but I was alone in the passenger seat). The bull jumped over the van and then started to jumped on top of the camaro. In reality this would've killed me but I somehow survived and then the second part of the dream randomly started. So, I got off my bus like normal nothing seemed odd. As I walked into the school through the activity entrance, I saw Britney and she stopped walking to let me catch up. Together we walked down the hallway as I told her what happened the night/day before and as I was beginning to mention the bull, we were coming to the left turn to get to out lockers. We never made it there but it was for a good reason. The same exact bull I saw earlier was in that hallway killing people with its horns or whatever and at first I froze and was about to get killed but Britney put me on her back somehow and ran us to the bathroom near the front doors of the school. In the bathroom, Britney, some random guy and I at first took up the middle stall (one of the smaller ones). For some reason there was like a felt book shelf for walls instead of the regular black stuff they use. It was see through at the top levels but not see trough the first foot or so. That being said at first no one wanted to lay on the flor which was the safest option for not being spotted but about an hour into hiding I decided I didn't give a damn and changed stalls the the one on the corner by crawling under the one spot (it was randomly there) and laid down there. After like 2 minutes Britney followed me and we laid there together. Eventually the guns got closer to us (like right outside the bathroom) and you could hear the bull running around and people being killed still but we had to stay super quiet. The entire time me my heart rate was so high (high enough for my gym teachers to be proud tbh) and I was also really thirsty. I didn't have my phone or anything to contact mom or dad so I had to depend on luck to get me out of here alive. We sat in the bathroom for about 3 hours straight after that until we heard the guns move down a different hallway. The boy we were hiding with stepped out first and said the hallways were all clear and I looked too and we all sprinted out the main doors to a bus that was waiting (looked brand new) and we drove off somewhere (idk where) and we saw the school was building new buildings like across the street or road (idk where) and then I woke up. I do know we got home safe tho.