Date: 5/13/2017

By ebonyg81

all of my mothers family was in town (indy) visting me for a cookout. my stepdad was even there and my cousin Eugene and Terry and sharon was even there. everyone was playing and have good time. Eugene said something silly signifying like he always does but it was towards Ron. Well clapped back and made a job about a son. everyone laughed it off but Eugene chucked but you could tell he wasn't really happy. Well he all of a sudden used a tie to choke Ron saying he lost a son which no one knew. so Terry and everyone tries to break it up. I ran outside where make and jam were sitting on the stoop eating and grandma was sitting behind them eating potato salad. no one saw her except me. she had already passed in my dream but she was sitting there behind jam. I couldn't stop smiling and then once some of the rukus settled down I went back in the house. and washed dishes. Woke up