Camp Day Gone Wrong

Date: 5/2/2017

By Messiyah

This was the last dream of a myriad of dreams. I don't remember the previous dreams. But this dream starts at a camp... and ends in a dark forest. Apparently we're playing some hide and seek game in the dark. (Every scary movie's plot) It's me, some guy, a kid, and another camper. The kid gets bored and wants to play a game. He suggests Hide N' go Seek. The older guy begins to count, and we hide in the forest. Me and the camper are found almost immediately, but the kid is nowhere to be found. We're starting to get worried at this point, so we split up to find him. We hear the kid scream so we all follow his cry to a lake. The kid is flailing about in it, screaming that he can't swim. The weirdest part is... if he can't swim, how did he get at the middle of the lake? For some reason we stand at the end, unable to help. At the corner of my eye I see a long hatchet, like very nice long, like 15 feet long, push a tree in our direction. The tree hits to older guy in the water, and he screams. I turn around to see this big dark figure that has the rough sillouette of Hagrid from Harry Potter. He's holding the hatchet. Me and the other camper run for our lives as the older guy and the kid drown, and the dream ends there.