Tripping Major Ballsack

Date: 3/8/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of December 25th So it starts out on a rainy day and before class, my friends wanted to trip shrooms. I was in on it, but shrooms are disgusting so I asked if we can make shroom tea. We left school and went to my basement to make it and my brother's friends wanted some too. We just made a lot of it and gave some to everyone, but we needed to get back to school so it was either I chug it or I take it with me. I took it with me to my chem class and there was a video playing on the board. It was a weird animation on explaining quantum molecular theories and the middle of the board kept twisting into a black hole. I stood up and kept drinking the shroom tea and I got really paranoid because I knew I was the only one tripping. I asked my friends if we could leave and they said yes. We left and went into the city to get einsteins, but we passed by this one lone house on a corner where the guy was trying to lure us in. Naturally we said yes for some reason. Me, Sara, nick, Aana, sky, and my brothers went in. (It looked like the house from the babadook) The guy looked at all of us and he said "now you're in the game and you have to defeat me to survive". I almost peed myself and I ran to the other side of his house and was trying to type out SOS to my ex, but he kept on saying speak English so I gave up and accepted my fate. So the guy left for a minute so we could prepare to defeat him. I didn't have any material to make a weapon, so I thought of the next best thing. I went into his backyard and dug a huge hole, covered it with leaves, and waited about 30 feet away from it. My brother was in on it too, he was lying down behind the hole so the plan would work. He pretended to be in agony so the man would see it and know that I saw it. Chris being my brother, I sprinted over to him and the man chased me as planned. I jumped over the hole, but he fell in it. It gave me just enough time to call for help. I kept texting my ex for some reason and he said just to go home or come sleep with him. I didn't want to be alone, so I said I would sleep with him if he kept the man away. He agreed, but the man got out. He left my brother and I alone only because he thought my plan was genius and he didn't want to mess with us again. Chris and I left and we went back to our day. I went back to school and sat next to my friend Aana (she also survived). For some reason we were back in AP Human geo from freshman year. Aana was telling me about how mad she was at Sara for ditching her at the house so she didn't know if she wanted to hangout with us after school. The class got out and I went to go get Sara. She was acting odd and she put her bed up against a graffiti wall next to the Marta tracks and we just colored until we went back home.