not allowed to meet

Date: 2/8/2017

By sana

I am looking an album of an event ,it was exciting suddenly something caught my mind ( i felt an urge to leave.i looked at the adress which was in my hand) i kept walking on street in search of this place ...the lanes were full of butcher shops each of them were having big knives painted with fresh blood..the more i entered the street it was more terrifying ..but i dint give up beacause i wanted to meet someone then i stoped and asked a butcher ..i want to meet my brother he came here to pray .he said that no one is alowed here so i have to leave.i begged he said me to go on 2nd was a senic beauty, a man guided me this place is near the border it has mountaind and river i was amazed...i closed my eyes and visualized my brothers life because it gave me happiness.. and they still dint allow me to meet him