Date: 4/26/2017

By tayistired

-i open up a game, its called kiranu -next morning i get a message on my mirror telling me to kill a woman before 5pm or else therell be consequences from kiranu -i write a note to myself to do this somehow i get another note from my father telling me not to do what kiranu tells me i confront my dad in my home asking what this is about he said its happened to him before he asks if i want to go to group that night im like "no bc i dont want to risk my own life or yours" he explains that kiranu makes things look like accidents so it would most likely happen when you were in a small group of friends at about 3pm kiranu emerges from under my bed bc hes realised im not doing it anymore he has my tablet which for some reason represents my dad he turns off the tablet "killing" him i decide to cut myself then i almost slit my wrists in response but i realise you can just turn the tablet back on, so i do. im bleeding quite a bit kiranu says "clever" or smth and is about to leave i ask if i can have a hug from him and get it as he leaves i mutter down his neck "im sorry to have disappointed you." he leaves my dad comes in from the back door and i show him my cuts n give him the biggest hug