Wandering Blind

Date: 4/10/2017

By MysterSky8

I remember I was getting dressed for muster and my Roomate was a guy, no bathroom in our room. I remember getting annoyed with him because he had this homework he was doing and was on my bed and crap. But anyways, I needed to get dressed for muster. I'm walking around in a shirt and underwear, no glasses. In the dream I can't see crap either, I'm blind. So I'm walking around like where the heck is an area to change? Somehow I'm in the middle of a food court and I don't know how to get back to my room. I'm so blind. Though I did get directions from this nice lady who worked some stand. She gave me directions which I followed even if it seemed to be wrong, I think I did find it after that. I don't remember changing though. After that I was trying to find my way to port grinder. So I'm thinking about hopping a taxi, and Smith and this other guy pops in like they need rides too, but it's to a different direction than me. Something about family members only. I hop out and think this looks familiar. I think I have dreamed of it before. It's these two dirt paths, they go on opposite sides and they meet in the middle at one point. In this dream I start running along it and think it's gonna take forever. So, I cut through the grass, which proceeds to show me a illusion/recorded scene black and white color, like an old tv show. It's of the kids playing, and this one tubby kids falls and he like blows his nose into a fruit or veggie and it's big and gross. The other kids shout he's gross, but he comes out with y'all deserved it. After that scene, the area in front of me got super muddy and gross. I wouldn't be able to cross it. There is another female character here who I guess protects the grass. She's all like, "interesting". I woke up some point after this.