ice ice baby

Date: 8/12/2017

By lesbolivia

cleaning hotel rooms at tylebäck, only having to do one room but taking a Lot of time doing so, going with the vaccuum back and forth, föreläsning in the reception area . i took off my clothes at some point and walked around in a pink t shirt and panties (i probably slept in one of the beds) but noone seemed to notice had a secret stash of a Lot of candy in my locker and was super afraid people would find it got help with my last room (got assigned one more or w/e) cause i was damn slow, dark in the room, forgot to change the sheets . ice landscape, one magician or w/e and his two apprentices, one young girl and one young guy (children) fighting against an evil witch who had traps everywhere. the guy was a troublemaker and the girl was nice and sweet something about not being allowed to to make the sign LENA when u were gonna eat smth, u had to not do the last A w/ the thing in the middle, but the guy rly wanted to try it so the girl gave him a piece to put in the middle cause he had none but then bc game mechanics only she could do it and eating the thing made her really really thirsty. saving a polarbear from the witch? tho it went back into its cave a bridge w/ different trials and the girl ended up before n she looked like katara now even tho she didnt before and her thing was ice or w/e n the guy was the satyr from hercules the movie now and his area started burning katara went back and helped him but the magician still favored the guy (even tho katara jumped further and shit) bc sexism smth abt the dude peeing in a stable lol