tinder stalker

Date: 2/21/2017

By hadephobic13

I was in a movie theater hanging with my friends (they were people I don't know in real life except for one girl named Julia.) I went onto tinder and I was looking through profiles when I found a guy who was less than a mile away and I looked at his job and he worked at the movie theater j was at. Anyway, I am hanging with my friends and I receive a picture of me taken seconds ago in iMessage: I look around to see who took the picture and I don't see anyone so I kind of brush it off and don't think much of it. Minutes later I receive another picture of me taken from a different area. Then later I was wearing one of my friends pikachu hat and I get a picture of me captioned "I love it when girls dress up as anime characters". (Lmao) I wasn't really scared during the dream but when I woke up I was like wtf