my newborn baby

Date: 2/21/2017

By kelsey

So in my dream i was me as I am now, a 19 year old girl, working in retail but it was my last day at work because I was going on maternity leave because I was pregnant. In my dream it felt as if I was really excited for the baby. The next thing I knew I was in the hospital giving birth and I vividly remember the walls being bright red. After that I was at my family home with my dream husband and all of his family. We were outside having a barbecue as it was summer and celebrating the birth of my baby. The next thing I know is we here a loud scream and this random girl was holding my baby out of the window over our heads four stories up. It was like a scene from a movie all the terror screams and then the girl dropped my baby and I woke up. So I never new what happened to the baby.