In Monster Stomach

Date: 3/23/2017

By garrettmorrow_

I was with Tim, Jacob Avalos, Me, a few other people. We were walking around trying to protect our land from intruders because where we were at was dangerous. We were all swallowed up trying to protect a new group that arrived. In the stomach of the big monster, I took my pocket knife and started to cut the monster from the inside. We all decided to go through the esophagus. So I cut the first foot, then we all took turns...then it's my turn next -and I come to realized that we have cut 500 feet into the monster and we weren't ever halfway. There was a tag we were using to clean the monster as we went, but we needed the tag for when we got home (for some reason there was a project going on at the house that needed that specific rag) so I decided it was best to start using our shirts. I took off my shirt and then woke up.