gilmore girls bakery + charity party

Date: 5/13/2017

By jevan

i was posting leaflets in a rich neighbourhood and when j went to one house the door opened as i was just about to post it and it was richard gilmore who invited me over to their riverside mansion later. so i walked from school with his grandaughter who was a girl from my high school, lets call her molly, and a whole crowd of people mostly older. turns out the crowd of people were the maids and chef, so they opened up the house and we got inside. the inside was filled with glass cases of bread and cake and in my head i was thinking "i wish i was stoned right now" i grabbed a muffin and me and molly went to the dining room where there were 5 chinese businessmen typing away and crunching numbers. ooh i just remembered. Then i was at a party full of people and we were all given a pack of cards with famous women in pop culture and you had to give one out to everyone there with a card that matches who they are. the game started a bit like a powder paint party before a marathon but with cards lol. the party was on like a construction site with loads of levels of concrete, with sofas and cool lighting, surrounding a pool in the middle. it got to the end and i was sitting with these two guys and i gave them rihanna and beyonce cards. Then, Dermot O'Leary came over and started interviewing us and asked me what charity i was supporting tonight. and i hadnt realised it was a charity event so i flustered. i looked around and there was a merchandise stand for all these charities right behind us and he got really condescending towards me asking what i was doing with my life. i also remember at some point doing the reality check of looking at my hands and i saw that they kept changing but that didnt occur to me why i was doing it so i didnt become lucid lol