Sets of dreams

Date: 6/8/2017

By MattTWD

Think I had a false awakening. But, I remember my dream. I think I was this bald guy. I don't remember what I would do for people but I'd never speak to them. (I did speak to the police however) I don't remember what I did to get arrested I was just overall weird I guess. Dunno if this was a separate dream but I remember being at a baseball game but of course not actually knowing how to play the game. A guy ran around the plates and I was too slow to catch him, disappointing everyone. But I didn't care, I just wanted a coat from some guy who seemed dangerous who has borrowed it for so long? I got my coat back and left the stadium hastily. He didn't seem happy about that. Dunno if this was another separate dream but I remember being in a car and two dudes had their kid and wanted me to drive him somewhere?? They had to check me out and regulate me so they wanted me to disable the roof going back but of course I didn't know how so I kept making excuses. Then they stared 'fixing' my car but were making chicken in my engine?? Then my mom came over and they disappeared and she sampled the car-engine fried chicken and said it was a great snack to make (I may have tried some too) then I drove away and I can't remember any details after that.