Videogame Secrets and Baby Darts

Date: 8/12/2017

By toxxicduck

I was at a school. Like an academy. It was huge and scaled the inside of a canyon, like a school out of anime. I was a student there, but I wasn't happy about it and was being a troublemaker (basically Kill la Kill without all the fighting). The dream became semi-lucid and I was able to fly around the area. It felt like I was playing Spyro the Dragon. On the upper parts of the cliffs above the school there were secret ledges with switches and caves on them. I made it my goal to go around finding all the secrets and bonus dungeons. I didn't actually interact with any of them though for some reason. On one of the cliff ledges was a large black rock jutting out of the ground. I knew it was one of the stones we found in my Call of Cthulhu game sessions last night. I was mystified by it and wanted to check it out, but for some reason all I could do was fly around, not land. Then I was in a shopping bazaar that was part of the school. It went in a figure 8 on a large platform. There were ramps and stairs that led up to it everywhere which had scanners on them so people couldn't shoplift. This whole dream was like a videogame, futuristic technology mixed with classic modern looking places. The scanners were just narrow white square things that guarded the exits with a glowing blue screens on top. I was at the bazaar with a friend from the school. Not someone I knew in real life, I don't think, but she was all shy and cute and innocent, while I was looking around trying to be rebellious. We walked around the shopping booths, and at a candy one I decided to just steal as much as I possibly could from them. I had my friend distract the clerk as I grabbed handfuls of candy and put them in a shopping basket I suddenly had, then I ran off a little ways. The girl joined up with me, already giving me a hard time about stealing, but she still helped me try to find a way we could get out of the bazaar without tripping the scanner things. Most of them were impossible to throw the basket around or over, but there was a spot on the platform where we could drop the basket down to a lower walkway. We saw that there were these robots who we knew to be part of the school, and were basically security guards. They were hosing down a spot right near where we wanted to drop down, so we had to wait for them to leave first. Then one of the robot security guards appeared across the platform. I don't remember if he caught us or what, but we were suddenly battling. The Girl was all scared. The robot guys looked like Cerberus troops in Mass Effect but bigger and definitely robots. He was shooting at me, but I didn't get hit. I looked down into my basket to find something to use, and found something called "baby darts". They were in the shape of eggs and colored blue and white. There was a little ghost face on the bottom of them and on top was the dart tail. I knew if I threw it, the egg would hatch into a random creature. The Girl with me was skeptical about me using baby creatures to battle with, but i ripped open the package and began throwing the darts as the robot was shooting at me from across the empty circle of the figure 8 shaped platform. The first one hatched into a giant caterpillar thing that simply squiggled away from us. The next dart hatched into a dragon. I was excited it would be helpful but it flew like a paper airplane and just dive bombed over the railing of the platform. We ran over to watch it fly down. I saw that the platform was hovering above a giant city. It was dark and I could see the lights of the city and it was actually kind of terrifying realizing how far up we were. The dragon floated down in paper airplane circled almost hitting other platforms that were floating below us. And thats when I woke up.