Stole my dads truck

Date: 4/13/2019

By PandaPuff

I remember something about me being a fucking spoon. Next, my mom was dying. She had something wrong with her chest and the treatment was expensive. My aunt called my dad and asked for money but he said no, so basically she was going to die. After that dream, I stole my dad's white truck but it was a different brand and I went to a store with it to get a drink. The cashiers wouldn't stop talking to me and it was annoying. One asked me to dump my purse out on the counter so she could make sure I didn't steal anything, which I didn't. She randomly began picking shit up from my purse and looking at it. Eventually, I left the store and went to my nana's house for some reason even though I can't stand her either much anymore. When I got back, my dad was waiting there with his arms crossed, saying he was angry I took the truck, but I didn't care. He told me to give him my phone, but my friend was texting me and I didn't want him to see the messages so I attempted to turn it off. It started glitching and wouldn't turn off, so I refused to give it to him and walked off.