Luke the flash

Date: 6/13/2017

By baileekinney

I was Luke Korns as the flash Got invited to a party that Andrea Russett was throwing Alexis G Zall was there and so was Jenn Mcallister and Lauren Elizabeth I had to get in there and save them from andrea because she was evil but I didn't know that till later and alexis was my main priority to get out of there I went to the party as myself and andrea had super powers to make everyone def for a while but I knew that so I plugged my ears and I didn't go def when she did it Then she took them all captive cuz she knew they were all my friends and I had to save them she just used them as a trap to get me in the party in the first place So I fought back with my team of nerds (can't remember who) and she used her sound powers to throw them against the wall and knock all 3 of them out, leaving just me Then she used a new power she had that i didn't know about to freeze everyone around me, so I grabbed my team and flew out the door (yes, the flash can fly now I guess) After that everyone left (the party was at Costco I guess) except Lauren Jenn Alexis and Andrea they were still there and Jenn and Lauren were oblivious to what was going on but Alexis kinda knew Then Andrea made a vine of Lauren Jenn and Alexis having a fun time (which they were) and also showed Lauren who had a bottle of something then it zoomed in and it was bleach and she was going to bleach her hair which I couldn't let happen and she sent me the vine I was using a really tiny spy camera that I had placed in there before to watch what she was doing at all times and Alexis asked her "what happened to Luke where is he?" And I didn't hear the response cuz I turned away So me and my team made a plan to get them back (I don't remember it to write it down lol) Just as we were about to put our plan into action she tweeted a bunch of stuff at me like "@lukekorns come and get your girls" and "@lukekorns WHERE ARE YOU YOU WISCONSIN DAIRY CHEESE ASSHOLE IM WAITING" So I went in but in a really good disguise so that even Alexis didn't recognize me So I was just a customer looking at stuff on the shelf near them when Andrea yelled out "HE'S HERE!" I froze, but she wasn't talking about me or anyone in general she just felt my presence then Alexis looked in my direction, then looked at someone far away from me and yelled "Look! It's Luke!" to distract Andrea I took this chance to take Alexis to safety, out where my team was. (I'm the flash so I was super fast) When I got back to get Lauren and Jenn, Andrea had them tied back to back on a shelf I didn't know she had fast powers like me. Then I woke up shortly later😞