Missing daughter

Date: 6/30/2019

By andriarna

I was in a restaurant with my family and my daughter had a friend with her (who was weirdly my old assistant at work). She disappeared and i was getting really frantic. I realised she had left with her friend who has a car. My daughter looks a lot older than her 11 years, and i was concerned she had gone clubbing or to a bar. It was almost 11pm and the car rolled into the car park with my daughter and her friend who i now knew as Francis. I was really angry and started hitting Francis and told her she could never see my daughter again. Flip to my husband and i in bed and i could hear loads of laughter coming from my daughters room. My husband said he had allowed Francis to sleep over. I got really angry again as i had already told her she couldn’t see my daughter again and he had gone behind my back. I then woke up in my dream (dream within a dream) and started writing the dream into a dream journal