wierd "scary dream

Date: 3/3/2017

By Cat Cat

so I don't know we're to start but so any ways in my dream I was baby sitting a daycare class with tp other classmates at my school,0.they were both boys and I the only girl .then for some reason one of the baby's turn into a night mare and the baby turns back to normal the dream ends there.then I had another dream the same night wich was tattle tail related so me and some other people wanted to play it real life.so we all made up a back story and then my dream forgets that and every one is dancing.for some reason I was a crazy dancer even though I don't dance especially in front of people.when that was over the owner of the place we were in wanted to talk to me.he told me that everyone was shocked and I asked him why.he told me that a long time ago he had done an experiment with some one on something.but one day they broke out .and the last thing he said was that he should have never videotaped the dragons.then my dog started crying and she's a small one .she was under the couch so she carefully crawled with me and I saw creepy dolls and a tattle tail in the hallway then I said to the that my dog was scared still holding her.then I wake up cuddling my blanket like I'm holding my dog when she's scared.