Date: 8/9/2017

By laurenl98

Had a dream my ex left me for my best friend and they started dating. Also we were in Japan. And during parts of the dream I literally felt like I couldn't move. Like my body was failing me when I tried to run and everything was dragging me down. Clearly they are two big parts of my subconscious still. Anyway I kept trying to escape and eventually I did and got picked up by two American English teachers in Japan too and then they saved me from my family, friends, and everything I knew. I wanted to escape so bad. And they kept me safe and let me listen to Kpop so it was kinda fun. Maybe this means I have to escape or leave or just do something else with some kindred spirits. I hope that's what my friends are but I can't help but wish I had adults to comfort me. Other retelling: I also had a weird dream and my ex was in it and he started dating my best friend and we were all in Japan and he came to my house to pick up Raquel cuz we were hanging out or something and I was like ".........dafuqq" and so I just got rly overwhelmed and tried to just get up and run away (cuz I like to run away from my problems) but when I started running my legs turned into jello and i felt like I was running thru molasses. Which is weird cuz this has happened to me in other dreams before, usually when I try to escape something I can't get away from. And so I'm trying to run down the street but I can't go anywhere so I pass out and next thing I know I'm in the parking lot of a Japanese IKEA and this nice American couple who teach English in Japan are standing over me trying to help me up and they let me ride in their car cuz my legs still weren't working and they had a nice jeep and I felt so safe and protected with them and they promised they would help me with whatever it was that was wrong with my life and idk I felt like actually euphoric because of their help and kind spirits it was super nice to feel that way