Date: 3/15/2017

By TripleE

Last night a had a wierd dream, i went to a local cornerstore, and on one of the shelves there was an open pack of wrigley's spearmint, missing exactly one piece. the clerk, who was rather attractive, asked if she could help me, and i muttered something about yesterdays suffering. She asked if i had been here yesterday, and I had, and I was the one who took the piece from the pack. So I paid for it with the single dollar that I had, and left. I had somehow been videoing the whole thing and had posted it and gotten verified on instagram. Back in the cornerstore someone asked if I wanted a dog for free. His name was Jeff. He looked in great condition, light brown in color, mid-sized and almost exactly like my real-life dog. So I took him home and he was barked at by my neighbor's dog, popo. We lived in a stereotypical neighborhood, with a road and culdesac. So we brough him inside and played for a while. Back outside Jeff looked horribly crippled, bright red lip, hunched back, and tucked in tail. Then I woke up.