The Hentai Dimension

Date: 8/19/2017

By toxxicduck

The beginning of this dream is a bit hard to remember and it was creepily erotic (not sure what's up with having erotic dreams lately). I was hanging out on a street with a bunch of kids and I was also a kid playing with them. The neighborhood had houses on one side and a big fenced off soccer field on the other. This place is familiar to me but I can't remember it IRL. Us kids were hanging out on the side with the soccer field. Suddenly, I was pregnant and knew one of the other kids was the father. Our ages did not matter at all. Just being a pregnant kid, idfk. I didn't know which other kid was for sure the father (is it bad that I am sharing this online?) but one kid with chin length blonde hair and a plain white tshirt was sticking with me because he was my "partner" and believed himself to be the father and was planning to become my husband and such. I also suspected there was a good chance that this other kid was the father; he was a copy paste image of the blonde kid except his hair was black and he was wearing a striped white and red tshirt. I just went along with the blonde kid because I didn't want to complicate things. Then either his or my dad showed up (just some fatherly figure) to also offer up some support. Then we went across the street and entered the house. It went into another dimension that was hentai themed. It was a desert with cliffs in the background full of half naked anime girls and random other people. It was like Burning Man or something, but hentai themed. Walking around this place I was horribly worried that the Kid and Dad would find out I sometimes watch hentai. We just walked around aimlessly...the other two were behind me at this part so I didn't really see them but I knew they were following me. I also remember some kind of small perverted fat little jester following us around. He wore a blue-green jester outfit. I don't remember anything he did, but I found him extremely annoying and knew he was being perverted. The last thing I remember is encountering an anime girl in a tight pink top being...intimate...with a guy from behind. I somehow possessed the girl and became her and I felt the entire thing, but I was looking down at the lady as if I were the guy. Kind of weirded out at myself right now.