The Happiest & The Saddest Boy In The World

Date: 3/18/2017

By incurableflame

Somehow a teen kid, dark haired, kinda nerdy-lookin', appeared on Judge Judy show but there was no plaintiff. The officer (forgot his name) told the judge before the case started that this boy was both "the saddest and the happiest young man I ever seen in my life." Judge Judy wasn't convinced but she went ahead. There was a strangely loose & relaxed atmosphere, the lights were dimmed, Judge Judy was chatty with the officer, but someone in the audience laughed and she snapped at them "I'm not. here. to entertain you. Got it?" Moving onto the boy, he had a strange face that kept changing facial expressions from sad, to smiling, to blank. The Judge said "this isn't the first time you are in a courtroom, is that correct?" "That's correct, Your Honour." So it turns out the kid is in the courtroom because he possesses way too many firearms and weapons, and I think he hurt someone or shot up a school... Anyway, he proceeds to tell his story, when he suddenly stops, raises his arms and stares at them in wonder. "What's this blue light around me?" (I was seeing like a blue aura around him, from Judge Judy's perspective) "Are you on acid or something?" Judge Judy asked, but then she started feeling & seeing the blue light around her and said calmly "Maybe it's the projector..." She then asks him some questions, and then talks about safety and how his presence makes people feel unsafe but that they can't afford to have personal police officers to protect them. She then asks him to "peacefully hand over all remaining firearms and weaponry in your possession" so the bailiff guides the kid out of the courtroom to some room where he put the guns.