Two coworkers

Date: 5/24/2017

By andersoner1

I got in possession of some chip and I was told not to give it to anyone. I was in the woods getting chased by Jacob and trey for a little bit and I had to go to the bathroom. So I was in the stall peeing, and all of a sudden I hear footsteps come in. It's Jacob. The stall door was super high and when you sat down their was 4 ft before it started. Jacob sits on the ground and looks at me and asks if he can have the chip. I say no. Then I leave and he starts chasing me. He wants it so trey doesn't get it. Somehow we end up in the Saint Francis school gym and I walk up the one set of stairs to the stage. Jacob is on the stage already and trey is in the gym. I walk up the stairs determined and Jacob looks at me and says ," you don't want to do this." I go "yes, yes I do." Then I walk up to the microphone and say I have the chip and pull it out of my bra. I run off the stage and am at the water fountain and a random guy pulls out a gun. Jacob jumps in front of me and takes the bullet. Then he lays their on the ground across my lap bleeding and trey comes to his left side. I tell trey to prop up Jacobs head while he lays there. Jacob survives and then I woke up.