Dream guy

Date: 7/26/2017

By PetraCat727

So this dream happened about a year ago and honestly I can still remember every single detail. It started of with me and my family at this resort in Cancun and so me and my mom are getting some towels to put on the chairs. Then three guys about my age start talking with me and I can immediately see that they are jackasses. So my mom gives me the stack of towels and tells me to go find some seats by the pool for my family. So I ignore the guys and just start walking, then one more guy walks up to the group of guys who were about to start following me to stop. I just keep walking trying to find some seats, when I finally find some I immediately start putting the towels on top of them. By the second towel I turn around and see the guy who told the others to stop standing right behind me. He starts a conversation with me and is really nice. Finally I finish putting all the towels on the seats and go to the edge of the pool to get my feet in the water. He follows and seats next to me. We keep talking until my family gets there, but before he leaves he asks me if I wanna have dinner with him, I accept. Then my dream immediately skips to night time and I'm all dressed up in my room. I hear a knock on the door. I open it and there is no one there but a little box with a note stuck to it. I open the box and inside there is a flower hair pin. I put it on and then read the note. It tells me to go to the stairs that are next to the elevator on the lobby level. When I get there, I find a trail of candles leading me to the top of a tall rock that has a big space at the top and also a slide. As I go up the stairs I hear the song "can't help falling in love" by Elvis Presley on the guitar. When I get to the top I find the guy with the a guitar playing that song and a whole picnic set up with candles and flowers... then I woke up😑