Fancy Dog and Palace

Date: 3/30/2017

By Adrian Lamb

It began with an argument, but I dont remember the argument at all. I only remember being furious with one of my best friends. I begin to walk away from him and he starts to follow me. I tell him to leave me alone and I walk out of the building we were arguing in. The building was like a palace. The walls and ceilings were hand painted. Wood doors, and window frames, hand painted vases, a glow of bronze is overwhelming on the tile floors. I walk out and when I leave Im in this small park filled with enormous dogs, Collie dogs, the size of horses. There is a man tending to them and I compliment the dogs. He smiles and tells me I may pet them. I do. I then see the park opens up to a forest. Small gates that you would surround your front yard open up to this circle portal like entrance into a lush orange and green wood. I walk into it, heading home. I knew exactly where I was going.