Transform Game

Date: 5/3/2017

By KokoSaga

I was in a family with a mom, dad and a little brother. The whole time I thought we were very wealthy and then just before Christmas I find out my parents have no money. I go to my dance rehearsal when my mom suddenly gets a letter from a police officer. She is suddenly in a hurry to leave. My friend and I try to keep up. We pass my little brother's practice field and when he realizes mom just ran past him he starts to cry. Of course I wait for him and hold his hand as I try to run to the parking lot. Mom is already gone by then and doesn't answer her phone when I call her. I try to call dad too but there is no answer. That's when monsters appear and with the help of a game device that looks like Nintendo Switch I transform into a battle suit and fight them off with my brother and friends. Afterwards I find out that my parents were working for some top secret organization and now they are missing believed to be dead. Leaving me and my brother behind with a huge fortune.