Old pregnant dog 🐶

Date: 3/14/2017

By PoodyKat

My dog that died over 20 yrs ago, at the age of 17, was still alive. I was on the floor in the living room, just petting her and watching tv. As my hand stroked over her belly, I was puzzled by how large and firm her abdomen was. I could also feel several large lumps moving around. I turned to my husband and shouted "Oh my God! She's pregnant!" My husband replied "Naw she ain't preggers! She's too damn old!" And then he went back to watching Swamp People (lol) on tv. Suddenly, Scooter (my dog) started turning around in circles and became extremely restless. She was panting and whining like crazy, and I kept telling my husband "We have to do something! She 's gonna have puppies right here!" But he continued to blow it off and said he couldn't miss this episode of Swamp People! 🐊 I knew I had to act quick and started gathering supplies to help Scooter deliver her pups. As I was placing towels under Scooter, she let out a huge extremely high-pitched shriek! Scooter rolled over on her back and spread her hind legs out 😳 and I was so confused. It was also clear that she was having a hard time delivering her pups. This went on for what seemed hours. I got more and more frantic and kept yelling at hubby "Help me!" but he just kept insisting he had to watch this all day marathon of damn Swamp People! Ok, so finally, Scooter started pushing and I could tell her labor was nearly over. I watched as the first pup's brown fur could now be seen crowning. I held my hands out to catch it....and I was thinking "wow...this is one massive puppy!" ....and then my excitement turned to shock as I realized that this was not a puppy. Scooter's *puppy* was a HUMAN baby!! 👶🏻 The baby seemed to be of normal human newborn size. I was horrified and couldn't believe what I was seeing! 😳 The baby was screaming... the dog was screaming.... and I was screaming.... but still, my crazy husband kept glued to that tv watching Swamp People! Then OMG another baby started coming out! Then another....and another....and ANOTHER!!! 😩 I was cutting cords as fast as I could! There were five babies in all. I noticed they all had tails, too. I wrapped the babies in towels and I was terrified of what I was going to do with these 5 babies! I mean, I was REALLY devastated! The babies all kept screaming and crying and my husband yelled out "those brats are probably starvin'! Put 'em next to Scooter so they can eat!" Horrified, I put the 5 tots next to Scooter and she started licking them and cleaning them up, while they nursed on her. 😮 I just kept thinking "What the hell am I gonna do?" I didn't want any babies!" All of a sudden, as I was crying and crumbled to the floor in disbelief, one of the babies turned and looked at me, wagged its little tail, and let out an innocent "rrruff rrruf"... I immediately fell in love with the adorable *babies* 💕💕💕... I looked back at Scooter and she was dead. I knew what I had to do... I actually then woke up and started mumbling and crying out "She had babies! Keep the babieeeeees!" It woke my husband up, to which he replied "huh? what babies?"