Inception and Sleep Paralysis

Date: 6/8/2017

By Stevengreen92

This was horrifying. And I'm not sure if I'm ready to lucid dream ever again. Or at least I need time to process. I'm in someone's house. A female and a male. And the female is having trouble sleeping. Or she's having trouble in general with her mind. So I tell her how to lucid dream, to hopefully connect with her in the dream state and bring her back to the comscious world. I literally existed in the dream state with awareness of self, but could not recognize that I was in a dream. I thought that I was in the waking world with the ability to fall asleep and lucidly dream. I'm in their house falling asleep wherever I can because I feel as though I can trigger the dream state. And I could! Repeatedly! I would fall asleep and immediately be lucid. Like I was in a dream within a dream. The feeling is surreal to explain. My entire body would feel as though it were tingling. Like swear to God physically tingling every time I transitioned to a dream within a dream. My level of lucidity was unprecedented. I was aware almost all of the time that I was dreaming. Anyway, more about the content of the dream. The male and female I eventually find in the dream within a dream. We're no longer in the house that we all fell asleep in. We're in an alley way of like a daigon alley from Harry Potter. And I'm talking with them, telling them their reality is not real. That it is a dream. And the male reaches lucidity, mind in tact, and begins by trying to fly with no avail. But then he creates some chicken or something really lame in the middle of the alley, and he gets really ecstatic about lucid dreaming. The female however could not recognize she was within a dream state, much like I couldn't in what I thought was the waking world. We wake, and I immediately engage them both probing to see if they remember our experiences together. The male has recollection of sharing our dream within a dream! But yet I can't recognize the man, and somehow recall my own lucidity. Its absolutely horrifying becoming "conscious" but not really... Anyway, the dream carries on. For what feels like so long. Insanely long. We fall asleep again and I'm so focused on lucidity within my dream, that I try to reach the couple again. This time, the dream world is the waking world in which I fell asleep. Now it is just the woman in the house. I'm trying to reach her, but she can't hear or feel my presence. I attempt to wake her or the dog that is within my reach, but no avail. I'm stuck in the dream of my dreams. Then Adam comes through the front door of this house. In fact, the house is much shaped like Adams house. The kitchen is a little busier with a bigger table and more "stuff", but it's very familiar. Adam walks in and I tell him that I've been lucidly dreaming like never before. Or that I'm having trouble staying awake in my new waking world. I'm now at the point to where I'm literally fading between my 1st level dream state and my second level dream state. I fall back asleep without any control... Im now in the house again. Adam comes home, except this time I'm crying out for help. I'm trying to wake myself from the dream, to get to my new reality. But I can't. I'm bashing my head against the floor to no avail on waking my body. Which makes sense now that I know the first tier was actually a dream state. I scream for Adam to wake me up, but he can't. Because once Im back in the 1st tier, he shows me a video of how I was acting. My dream body could not be awoken from the dream. About the biggest indication that tier 1 was a dream was from Adam showing me that he kicked my face a couple times, which now seems ludicrous to wake someone up. But let's discuss why this dream felt so long... I went to several places. When I wasn't at the house, I was elsewhere whe transitioning between levels of lucidity. I remember a park of sorts, that I was waiting in line either many others to get into. I vividly remember paying the park attendant in euros, and then jumping down the slide to enter the park. That's where several others were already engaging with one another. At some point, thinking I'm aware that I'm dreaming, I fly to my parents house. Except the house isn't there. And me thinking I needed to find out why (for conversation either my subconscious), I land where the house used to be to confront the dream figure that has replaced it. It's a black women who looks to be emptying groceries or moving bags from outside to inside. I asked her what she represented to some extent, but the answers I've received haven't been memorable to date. I mustve asked 4 different dream figures questions with getting ho hum answers. Like they knew I wasn't as lucid as I believed I was. It was horrifying to think my subconscious was aware of my own conscious presence, and it was doing everything possible to conceal the truth. I remember just wanting to wake up from a of it. I had already "reawoken" several times, which started to reay worry me. I have pain in my left ankle while dreaming in my dream. I thought this was my real world repaired ankle uncomfortably pinned against a button on the pants I wore to sleep. And that my dream state felt the pain because of it. Shivers. Constant shivers as though the hairs on the back if my neck and spine are standing on end. Even as I write this, I'm experiencing unprecedented amount of shivers. Probably due to what I just experienced. There were a couple of times I awoke and couldn't move. In the real world. This happened toward the end, as I started to catch on that something wasn't quite right. Finally, I awoke for the last time and immediately reached for my phone to write this all out. Im actually scared to fall asleep again, which I never thought would be my experience with lucidity. Im considering even thinking about it any time soon. I think dreaming without conscious will be perfectly acceptable. But I still have an hour before work and need the sleep. So well see if I can doze for a couple.