in panicked hours our symphonies and seranades were silenced by broken and lost instruments

Date: 3/1/2017

By wanderingSnake

I had a dream before this one of wizards, witches and people unable to tell my gender because of my hair but the rest is forgotten for now. So without further ado his is my following dream. I was studying in an art school to play in an orchestra my class mates and I were preparing for a final exam to preform to a huge crowd in an amphitheater all clustered and crushed tight together with our instruments. we were to play a solemn sad song. I was a violinist in the dream although my instrument was a weird parody of the actual thing, with wooden knobs, dials and latches attached to strange places on the old warped wood painted navy blue and white . It was as I stepped forward to the stage to preform my part the bow of the violin snapped. with no replacement I panicked and fled on a quest through warped buildings and shops to find a replacement, to my rising panic no shop had one and I was now thoroughly lost in a chaotic labyrinth of shops and building stacked and mashed together. I soon got stuck in a packed elevator that decided to malfunction on my attempts to return to the theater bow-les , on my return the dream ended the orchestra finishing the piece without me.