Sam, Peter, and Billy Joel

Date: 3/25/2018

By caitlynm14117

I’m dating this guy named Sam and almost none of our friends know. So in this dream we hugged and our friend Alex was there and he was so confused. Then I was talking to my friend Peter, and we somehow learned we were related. In real life, my grandmother’s sister’s name is Barbara. She’s married to a guy named Floyd. In my dream, Peter was Floyd’s sister’s grandchild. Then the scene changed and I was sitting in a tree. To my left was about four other girls, but to my right was Billy Joel from the 90s and some girl who was supposed to be his girlfriend. I started humming a Billy Joel song, and he kind of looked over at me. Then everyone read a card placed in the canter of the tree that had something to do with Billy. Mine was a really long quote in Latin, and once I finished, Billy explained that the quote was inscribed on his girlfriend’s wall. Then we had a small discussion about his song “And So It Goes”.