She stole my blood

Date: 5/2/2019

By pretzeling

I decided to harvest my own blood for some reason (magic ritual? maybe a friend was running low on blood?) and got this middle aged nurse to help me. I was in my garage. I attached two IVs to major arteries in my upper thighs and began draining my blood into bags. Each time a bag filled, I replaced it, until I had about 4 full. Then the nurse decided that I was too weak to fight back, and so she was going to steal all the blood for herself. She also told me she was going to drop me off at the local ER because I had lost too much blood. I was nearly blacking out, but still arguing with her, saying that I wasn’t going to faint and that I didn’t need the ER. It would just be a waste of money. She argued back that “You have insurance, it couldn’t cost you more than $30 or so.” Even though she was intent on stealing my blood, her concern sounded genuine. Still... $30? Sounded like bullshit. I grabbed a granola bar from inside the garage and ate it to replenish my energy, then pulled out the IVs. The nurse escaped with my blood bags. I tried to bandage the insertion points but blood had already streamed down, leaving massive blood stains down the front of my jean legs, as if I had been shot or something. I went back inside my house and just wanted to wash off my legs before anybody saw. I think my family and roommates were inside having a movie night.