Mom and boats

Date: 8/31/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I had this dream that was really weird. Me, my brother and my mom all went on this tour. We were on these lakes going through tunnels in a long boat, there was water in it so we could like swim and get wet but so we didn’t have to do so in the actual (dark, dirty) water. Then all of a sudden my brother takes me and shoves my head underwater and I tap his arm and hit him and it seems like he’s playing at first. But then I start really struggling because it’s stopped being a game and started being real. I actually was going to drown. I started struggling more and really hitting him hard but he just kept laughing like it was a game and holding me under. Then finally my mom slapped my brother and pulled me up. Then she yelled at my brother and started pummeling him. All of this was very weird bc normally these two are the most careful about this stuff of my entire family. Skip forward and I’m on a second tour with just my mom. I want to yell at her for the pummeling earlier but idk how.