A concert and being intimidated by Angelina Jolie.

Date: 7/7/2019

By leavingsoon

This dream was especially vivid and a bit all over the place. I was at, of course a Hozier Concert. It seemed like it was in LA? I went with my brother. I was apprehensive about telling this person I actually met at a Hozier concert lately in real life that I was at this concert as I knew he wasn’t gonna be there. I think I wanted him to be there. Later on I remember going to a bar w/ my brother. We met a really famous celebrity - Angelina Jolie and her manager. I even posted a video of her on Snapchat. I vaguely remember posting the video of her with a caption over it. My old friend from school had sent me snaps, I opened them and sent her one back of me at this bar with Angelina. We then participated in one of the bar games. In one of them I had to throw a small knife type thing from my mouth into Angelina’s mouth? she caught it. Although, we weren’t actually winning but she said we were and the MC took her word for it. After that I remember being intimidated by Angelina for a bit. She tells me that I’m being lied to by someone, this intimidation happens in a closet type space it’s all white. I’m crying a bit. I can’t see the face of the person who is lying to me just that it’s a man who has glasses on. He’s on the other side of the closet door just standing there. I’m on the other side with Angelina while she tries to talk to me. The man and I eventually leave he keeps telling me not to listen to her. Her manager tells my brother that he could help me make it big. Angelina mentions something about me being a plus-size model. The manager gets annoyed as I’m apparently a singer and he wants to make me an influencer. He said he could make me millions. (€37 million to be exact) My brother and I eventually leave. I also remember another part of the dream where I’m with a different woman(?) She’s taking me along the place where she works. I can’t really describe what it looks like but I can remember it. I thought I was going to have to climb under a small space but she tells me that it’s okay and we don’t have to do that. She guides me through and we make it to the end of the path, it’s some sort of pool. After that I can’t remember much else.