Ashlee's Trial

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

Background: At the facility I volunteer at, my friend/boss expressed major concerns about getting fired out of the blue after having her own dream about it... In the middle of a vast, open living room surrounded with many blue couches and eggshell wallpaper, it was announced that Ashlee was on trial to be suspended from work as the activity assistant, but they did not specify why. However, besides Ashlee, mother, and I, everyone was a plushie. For example: the building director (we'll call him Jack) was a skinny yellow bear while another coworker (Brandon) was a big, red bear. There were many other stuffed animals as jury members, but I was unable to identify each one. Most of the trial was a blur, but one noticeable moment was when Jack mentioned to Ashlee that "(paraphrased) she was lucky to have a trial because Mr. (Former Director) didn't even have the balls to face one." [Real-time: one of the directors actually did get fired a few months prior for being a sexist dick and he didn't want to go through the embarrassment of "sensitivity classes", even after effectively shitting on every single department within earshot of the facility.] During the trial intermission, I spent the time talking to my mother on what hospital I would prefer to work at/stay for inpatient "once the facility goes under," or if the plushies would overrule her. Don't remember what I told her, but I did hear inaudible convo from the plushies, as well as various child-like sounds (ex: wheee! Giggles, etc.) At the end of the trial, plush Jack declares Ashlee to not get suspended as the other plushies cheer her on. Before I could hug Plush Terry (Jack's assistant, who was a purple rabbit), he had already walked away with Jack holding hands. I congratulated Ashlee and asked her what I usually do: "now what?" She then pushed me into a chair and stood over me lustfully, mumbling something about being punished (don't remember what it was, but kinda gross 😷). Post dream: no one has really been fired except for lazy kitchen staff. I haven't told Ash about this dream yet because I'd rather not freak her out. 😂