What the self really needs.

Date: 8/23/2019

By Fitful

My mom needed us to stop real quick at the store so she could get some chicken. She was gonna stay in the car, I think I was in the driver's seat and she begged me to run in, but the store clerk said here she had to pick her own raw chicken. This very idea made me nearly vomit, raw chicken freaked me out. So she decided to run in. I got out and went in as well, but I was alone the whole time, waiting for her. I walked in slowly, meandering. I found a chicken sandwich in the shape of a heart on white bread. It looked so adorable I picked it up and began eating some chicken, but immediately soar it out. It was so gross. Wrong and gross. I didn't know how people ate this stuff. I shoved the sandwich in my pocket and kept shopping. Somehow the trip became about buying a Valentine's Day present for Laura. I kept looking, hunting all over the whole store. Nothing seemed right. I found the most adorable rose covered bat figurine, the roses were so red they looked like blood, especially on the matching jewelry, the ear tips looked like they were about to drop blood. It was so adorable. I wanted it so badly, for me. But it didn't match her taste, she was really anime geeky so I tried to find something better for her. I found a sky blue Totoro but I felt I had already bought her one. And it was the only geeky plush in the whole store. Thai little boy kept following me around begging me to buy stuff he was selling. A really ugly wooden jewelry box which didn't even have sharp cut wood but looked like a child had made it and painted it was his main sell. I refused, even though he was a kid, because it wasn't right for her. The kid kept pestering me, trying very hard. He was like a cupid spirit, but I couldn't tell if he was for selling or helping or a trickster. I do recall cursing around and telling him I probably shouldn't and him saying he liked it so I could. ~ I was a child living at a boarding school. I roomed with a girl, and she and I had a male friend. The three of us were a fast trio but stuff was happening at this school. Supernatural stuff. I didn't realize it at first. Somehow they began drifting away, like I wasn't a part of their group anymore, and I felt very alone. I was alone in my dorm room at the window when I realized I was seeing something, a tiny hairy baby arm jutting out of my left bicep. It was uber scary, it wasn't corporeal so I felt like I was hallucinating, but the little round patch where it sprang from was hairy like the rest of it. The arm was covered in thich wirey black hair. I was horrified. I was infected. I soon found out a lot of people in this school were infected. They were being used in someone's mad scheme to leech this huge reservoir they'd dug up in another country. It was a huge crystal, the size of a continent deep underground. It had hundred of facets and was easy to break off, also a liquid firm of it ran beneath it. It was legend and dangerous and forbidden to find but some power hungry mad soul had found it and was secretly digging it up. But he needed to refine the magic so he could take it in to himself and use it. That's where people came in. He filled them up with magic, some just a spark at first because it didn't work on everyone, but the right ones he was able to pour magic into and drink the magic from. Both processes destroyed the people. Professors and students soon began to clue in to the nefarious goings on and began to try and stop him, rescue those infected. I was one of the first they recognized. When my roommate had been sleeping I had seen the same round hairy mark in her arm too, and I pointed out she might be infected. I came out she was, paranoia was the first sign, and it's why my friends had pulled away. I was so hurt that's why they left. She said I had become untrustworthy. That hurt more than anything. Anway the dream progressed, long and unending, about kids getting infected and taken and saved and I think I housed some at home to keep them away and safe. He often got the really powerful ones anyway, the dude trying to eat all that magic. I think I went to the hole, where the giant crystal was being dug out of. I know I saw it a time or two but I think at the end of the dream he got me too, or I willingly went for some reason.