Date: 6/2/2019

By moonchild957

My nightmares over this summer have worsen ever since school ended, this one was actually more tamed than the last ones. Instead of killings it was just intense paranoia. Took place at my house, everything seemed in order. It was dark out and for some reason my mom's friend's daughter was staying with us for the night. Nothing out of the ordinary except that in the dream it felt as if someone was watching us. While for some odd reason I knew why and would frequently check on the friend's daughter who was sleeping soundly in my bed. I don't remember too much but I remember my mom, my brother, as well as I racing around the house for some reason. Suddenly the lights in my house go out. Blackout I raced to my bedroom and see the friend's daughter still sleeping fine and I stay in the doorway while making sure everyone was still around. Except they weren't. My mom and brother we're gone and as soon as I turn back and look at the daughter, her sleeping figure was gone. My covers folded to the side, indicating that she left or someone or thing took her. I start to panic and shake my phone to turn on the flashlight, I crept to the kitchen while trying to keep my breath steady. Every step I took felt like bricks weighing me down and my heart was pounding through my chest. Suddenly there's was a series of files in my free hand and I pondered whether or not I should even dare to open it. Using every bit of courage in me I open up the file and just see information and a picture. The picture I could not see but the only thing I saw was the name "Gabriel". In that dream I knew I wasn't alone, Gabriel was here.