Date: 1/26/2017

By bananabread

Dream began with me hanging out at my friend Angelo's house. We wanna get a little high so we take a dab of xanax and weed at the same time (I know that's not how it works), everything felt funny, extremely realistic. Then I was at Max's house and Clifton told me Clifton died except I didn't realize it was Clifton talking so I believed him, he told me some kid pretended to be Clifton at school the other day. I found a cool fidget toy on the floor. I went to bed in this strange bunk bed thing, excited to go to a convention the next day. I wake up, use the restroom go back to sleep, I'm in the dream, in my Algebra class, I ask Jace which number Star Wars movie rouge one is, she said 7 so I woke up then fell back asleep. I'm at the convention pax, Nothernlion, Baer, Austin, Nik, and Rob are all playing. New game called split and they are letting someone new play. To play I have to beat Elucidater, I do except he was doing better commentary so they let him in :(. Wake up, dream again. I drove to a car wash and streamed in there, went home and talked to my mom about it and she wanted to see MALF, I tried to show her but the phone never typed what I wanted! Then I went back but there was a big party, the Spanish speaking car washers were getting drinks, I asked for dos. Then an announcer announced ms.bartell got an award, she ran to the top of the parking garage and did a little dance. Then me and my friends skated around, Dane was there too. We went to Mr.Murphy's cabin to suprised him with a new security system. All the directors were there and they were impressed, after we installed it everyone realized the windows were broken, of course our fault somehow, we skate away into this weird place where actresses are changing to start a performance for a play, I see a woman name diamond and. Tell her to have sex with me, she complys and we go to the pet store and begin but first I grab another woman to play as well, diamond starts with a blowjob and I came almost immediately which woke me up. I dream again and I'm playing overwatch with jared, I'm playing Lucio him playing Sombra. Diamond is the enemy's window so we get wierd again but not before we turn into cats?