He got me a bunch of lotion

Date: 8/6/2017

By TwentieToo

So i moved in with some people, i had diabetes. In real life i dont have diabetes. I ran out of insulin or whatever. So i went down the hall to get some cuz there was a pharmacy place. I went in and I asked a doctor and he gave me some. Then another doctor who was apparently my friend, he got me a bunch of lotion, like that one special lotion for diabetics. He got me a ton of it. And I started crying, and for some reason there were just a bunch of teenage boys sitting on a bench near me and they were all just staring blankly at me while i started to bawl and went up and hugged the doctor. Then i went out and there was a girl who was standing in front of a white board. She was telling the letters written on it, "pee in my cup. Cmon. Pee in my cup." I guess she wanted some medicine but she was crazy or something. The doctor had walked me back to my dorm. The doctor was wearing a leg cast and crutches. Then there was a dream i had before the one above, but i dont remember all of it. I woke up and wanted to write it down, but i decided against it cuz i was tired. But i guess i was living at my old house. It was a trailer house. And it had a very large yard. And mexican immigrants were crossing our yard. So i guess we lived near the border. And we kind about it, we let them be on their way. But cops learned that they crossed there, and started to stay there and arrest any people who crossed. And thats all i remember.