evil witch

Date: 5/17/2017

By haryanto212

i was leading a team from my offixe to held and sponcored an event at a school. it was school orientation for new students. the event was held for 3 days. and we staying for 2 nights. at that night after an opening ceremony, my friend (tina, well i have a bit of crush for her) asked me to walk outside, i said yes. we seen an abandoned building outside, then ive realised that this is inside my dream. and tjat abandoned building is my past, my bad memories of my ex. all of my bad memories that piling up make me feel sad, angry, mad at her. and all tjat negative though manifest into her image as a witch. a witch guar that abandoned building, and will kidnap anyone tresspass then torture them to death. tina went inside that building, i tried to stop her but she insist. she said there is some good stuff and prexious stuff there. and im confused, its all my bad memories but she sees a good stuff? okay , but you got to follow my rule i said. she agreed. and we must brought a ticket first (any ticket, parking meter, train, movie etc) then we brought parking ticket from a parking meter. then we going inside, my heart pump so fast as im curious what is precious and good stuff there, or maybe its not what but who. the point is im curious what tina see there. as we step into the building i'm suddenly awake.