13 Reasons to Steal Dr Cox's Sexy Painting 🌈

Date: 6/20/2017

By brookethegreat

I was at a huge pool party at a sweet mansion. It was a Pride month thing - I think everybody there was bi. I couldn't decide if I should be there, so I was mainly wandering around inside. Hannah from 13 Reasons Why was there. She was narrating like she does. Abed from Community was also there. He was doing a bit like he does. He explained it, but I don't remember the explanation. Anyway he was dressed up like a cartoon devil with a red outfit and horns and a goatee. When I passed by, he grabbed me, held me in some sort of tarp thing that I couldn't get out of, and drew a mustache and cat whiskers on my face. Someone came to rescue me. He also ripped up the tarp so Evil Abed couldn't use it anymore. Evil Abed was sad. I felt a little guilty. I needed a nap after that, so I found a nice office chair and fell asleep. When I woke up Dr Cox from Scrubs was next to me working at the desk, and I realized it was his house and I picked his office to take a nap in. I knew he was probably gonna yell at me and act all scary. I was kind of looking forward to it. He's entertaining! But he didn't really. I think he was impressed I had the guts. I told him I liked his nails. They were gold and glittery. He said his daughter did them. I got the vibe that I reminded him of her. I showed him my nails because they were gold and glittery too. But they were really chipped. He roasted me for that. I went back outside and Hannah was starting a new tape addressed to a very cute guy. Might have been the guy who rescued me from Evil Abed. Hannah intro-ed a flashback. She was in the mansion, looking at a painting with this other girl. The other girl loved this painting and was lost in thought staring at it. Hannah didn't really get it. I liked it. It looked like a cross between a James Jean and a Loish. It was in a big square frame and it had bright bubblegummy colors. There was a bald nude woman sitting with her knees up amongst all this alien plant life. Skinny, pale, big head, kind of anime-looking but highly rendered. I'm pretty sure she was masturbating. I'll forgive Hannah for being confused. It was a pretty weird painting. Anyway the girl said she was going to steal it. And then there was a spinning newspaper transition into an old timey newsreel sequence about the history of the painting! The painter was Japanese and he painted a lot of ads. This painting was commissioned for some huge amount of money. I woke up before I got the whole story.