Date: 4/16/2019

By insidemybrain

I remember I was chained with cable ties and then brought into this shed that was like a secondhand recycling facility. I was chained up to a big pole out the back of to the side. I could see that they had a shop that was like a goodwill second hand shop and customers were coming in and shopping. I managed to escape the cable ties and run out the back. There was a bunch of baby cradles all lined up side by side about 30 each side so you could walk down the middle to inspect. It was full of babies, none of the babies were crying just sleeping. They had all been drugged so they wouldn't cry. They were all indigenous children. I came to one at the end and knew it was my baby. I grabbed the baby and snuck him/ her into my jacked then went back and pretended to be shopping and a customer.