Date: 2/23/2019

By LaurenTheFierce

I think I was outside a building in my neighborhood being picked up to go to a JROTC thing. A truck pulled up and it was being driven by my chief. A few of my fellow cadets were in the back of his flatbed. Picking up my stuff I put it in the back of the truck where I was gonna sit. All of a sudden I turn around and see my friend Adler. He greeted me. “Hey Laura, Laura Lane.” I greeted him back by saying “hello Adler, Adler k- I’m not even gonna try to pronounce your last name. Meanwhile, I pull out my phone to go to his Instagram. I take a look at his last name and just repeat “yeah, I’m not even gonna try to pronounce that.” He laughed in response and told me what it was. “German right?” I asked. He nodded his head. I would’ve tried to continue our conversation but I had to go. Telling him that I waved goodbye and got in the truck.